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Chemical Free Sanitation Solutions

Johannesburg based Manufacturer & Distributor in Africa
UV & Ozone lamps & equipment.

Sani and Preventative Sanitation

Science-backed UV & Ozone disinfection solutions since 1998. Manufactured by Sani, Sani Brand — your Johannesburg manufacturing & distribution partner supplying UV and Ozone equipment. A chemical free sanitation solution that improves indoor air, water and surface quality. Help protect the health of your customers, employees, and your business by destroying viruses, highly resistant bacteria, moulds, allergens, and other pollutants that can quickly contaminate your environment.

Sani UV-C fixtures produce short wave radiation that is lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. The method is unique and rapid and does not use heat or chemicals. Ultraviolet technology is a well-established method known for its effectiveness, and cost savings. The process is free of by-products.  

Sanitizing in the following industries

Locally Manufactured & Tested

Thanks to our small specialised team,  Sani is your ideal partner for prototype systems and research projects. On the basis of this capability, we look back on long-term co-operations with universities of applied sciences, laboratories and research institutes.

In this sense, we consider ourselves not as a supplier of UVC systems &  components but rather as consultants and members of the overall concept. In research projects, we happily support our customers with the necessary know-how and extensive experience.


Our Dealer Network

Using the latest technology and processes we assure high output, long life, and competitively priced products. We have an established reputation for our competence and expertise in all aspects of UV in Africa.

Our Dealer network  is encouraged to offer guidance on your specific requirements, UV-C is not a "one shoe fits all" solution. This often entails a site visit and further information regarding your application.


We have specialists  available to assist our  dealers in in assessing  your particular environment and  sanitation needs to find a cost effective solution.

All fixtures require adherence to installation, safety and maintenance guidelines.

Some of our End-Users

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